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Your Guide to Building Your Own Empire

or just making some extra money...

Hello and welcome!

I am so happy to know you're interested in starting your own business.

There is no better time than now to secure an additional revenue stream, build residual income, all while working from anywhere in the world. This website will give you all the tools you need to make the right decision for your financial success.

If you have any additional questions or whenever you're ready to start, you can reach out to the person who sent you here, or if you're not sure who sent you, you can contact me directly.



No Inventory or Overhead

You don't have to buy or ship the product you sell and promote. No office, no warehouse, no bills. This business requires the Internet and YOU!

No Monthly Expenses

You never have to pay a monthly fee. Your expenses are ZERO.

No Quotas

Can't work this month? No problem! There is no volume requirements, making this a perfect side business.

Immediate Income

You can get up and running within a day, recoup your small initial investment within a week and start making profit immediately!

Work from Anywhere

If you have an Internet connection, you can do business at home or in Bali.

No Selling Required

Don't like to sell? No problem!

We don't sell, we just share what we love!


Luxury Hair Care and Skin Care

Luxury hair care and skin care without the price tag. Most traditional products are full of fillers and water. Monat products are so concentrated that they last 3-4 times longer than other brands. That means better results at an affordable price.

Non-Toxic and Plant Based

Monat puts the true meaning of luxury into hair and skin care products by making them completely non-toxic, 100% plant-based and so loaded with powerful ingredients provided by nature that the results speak for themselves.

Manufactured in USA with Love

Founded by a family of immigrants who came from nothing, Monat is still family-owned and operated, with all their manufacturing facilities in Florida. The company's mission is to give back to the community with gratitude and business opportunity for everyone.

What is YOUR Why?

People start this business for so many different reasons. What is YOUR why?

Do you need a new car? Would you love to not live paycheck to paycheck? Do you need just a few hundred dollars to help you with the bills? Are you struggling to save up for a down payment on your house? Is your savings account lacking? Does your husband want to retire early so he could spend more time with the family? Do you want to stay home with the kids?

Whatever your reason is this business is the answer.

Extra Money for Bills
Being Able To Stay Home With Kids
Travel The World
Early Retirement
Help others
Financial Independence
Sense of Community
Work From Home
More Time With Family
Healthier Lifestyle
Free Vacations
College Tuition
Grocery And Gas Money
Save for a Down Payment on a House
Work Remotely
Personal Fulfillment
Additional Income Source

Success stories from women, like you...


High Compensation

No other direct selling company pays as much in commission and bonuses as Monat does. See the average monthly income here.

Huge Growth Potential

Unlike other businesses, your growth is not capped. You have the same opportunity as everyone to get to the top

Support and Training

Thousands of dollars worth of business, social media, marketing, branding and productivity trainings are available FREE.

No Competition

We are the only direct-selling plant-based hair care company, so the market is wide open with more countries being added.

Consumable Products That Customer Love

Hair care and skin care are consumable products that need to be replenished periodically.

Ground Floor Opportunity

Monat is only 5 years old. The best time to join a company is when it is either releasing a new product or opening new markets.


Compensation Plan

Monat's generous compensation plan is what makes this business work so well for women of all walks of life. You don't need to spend years building your team before you see results.


Do you know what makes that compensation plan sing? Huge bonuses at different ranks and throughout the year. Here is just an example of some of the bonuses our partners receive.

Smart Start

Everyone knows the beginning is the hardest, so Monat makes it easy by rewarding you for hard work and speed by piling up bonuses in the first 2 month after joining.



You get a free Cadillac upon reaching Market Mentor and rank 3 months in a row.


Monat holds 4 all-expense paid trips a year that everyone on your team can qualify for. Party time!


You are paid 5 times a month, which means you can be in control of your income and your budget.


As a Market Partner, you get access to all the flash sales, free shipping and you get 30% OFF.


Social selling is the selling platform of the future. With the rise of online influencers, more brands are shifting towards utilizing people, like you and me, to advocate for their products. It is done all over the internet, however those influencers are barely getting paid for their efforts in small affiliate commissions. Monat puts power in your hands and allows you to have a social business while earning entrepreneur-level income. You get to have an e-commerce store without the cost. You can dropship the product without the hassle of storing, packaging and shipping. You hire "team members" without the expense or payroll ,and use your network and influence to help others with their hair, skin, and financial security.

No experience or following needed

To get started, all you need is a desire to make a difference in your life and lives of the people you are about to touch! No degree, experience, knowledge, skills or large capital needed. We provide you with EVERYTHING!

Do what you Love

Who doesn't love sharing? You are already doing social selling without knowing it! Remember that sushi restaurant you recommended last week? That's social selling! Now if only you could get paid for that.... Wait a second! That's how we earn!

Your Business Your Way

You are your own business owner, a distributor of beauty products, e-commerce owner, marketer. You can work whenever you want, however you want. You get help and support, but ultimately it is up to you how you run your business!

Work from anywhere

What did we learn from the pandemic? The importance of flexible work and multiple income streams. Check and check! This business can be run ON YOUR SMART PHONE! Anywhere in the world with a cell signal! All you need is yourself and your trusty phone!

Reach a bigger customer base

Remember when your customer base consisted of people in your town? Ha! Internet has opened borders and provided us the ability to reach anyone through social media. You can distribute in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland and Poland. More countries are coming!

No annoying sales pitches

Gone are the days of door-to-door selling! With social selling, customers come to you! On our team, we don't sell! We recommend, share, advise and help! Sales pitches don't work anyways. What works is delivering value and helping people!


This business is very simple, yet very effective! You work on both promoting and selling the product by using social platforms and a personal network, as well as building a team of distributors who do the same, helping them become successful.. The more you help others, with both beauty and income, the faster your business grows.


Use the Product

Use the products that were sent in the initial pack and start your hair and skin transformation while learning more about the ingredients.


Share your experience

Share your results and experiences with the products, as well as the business opportunity with your friends, network and on social media platform.


Help Others

Help your new team members become successful by coaching them along the way. If you're new, don't worry, our team will do it with you.


Grow Your Business

By working these two aspects of your business, product and team, you will be able to grow and earn more and more each month. There are NO LIMITS!


Stay at Home parents
Hair stylists
Digital Nomads
Full-time travelers
Full and Part Time workers
Business Owners
College Students
Everyone else...



Franchise License + Product Samples


This is a box of all the best-selling, full-sized Monat products to become familiar with and try out, as well as samples to give away to potential clients.

This first pack is offered at a HUGE discount over 60%. The larger the Product Pack you buy, the more products you get to try. You can see product Packs below


No Monthly Cost!


After your first Product Pack, you don't have to spend a dime if you don't want to. No monthly fees, no quotas, no requirements.

(Unless, of course, you fall in love with the product and want to buy it for yourself at a 30% discount)


With any business, you get out of it what you invest in to it. With Monat, you set the pace on how fast you want to grow. Whether it's 30 min a day or 40 hours a week, you can be successful in this!

Your set your own schedule

30 min a day to full time

Work on the go from anywhere

Set your own pace

It sounds amazing, I am ready!


Interested in working with us and building an income from your phone?


Everyone successful would tell you that they wouldn't be where they are without the immense support of their mentor. You get not 1 mentor, but 3 direct mentors, plus a whole team with over 3000 women who are constantly sharing support, knowledge and motivation. An absolute powerhouse of women who started right where you are now, ready to show you how to be successful.

When you join, you inherit these 3 women as your team leads with all their experience and support.

Sarah Hill

A rockstar of our team, Sarah puts out consistent training videos and support to the whole team. Sarah lives and breathes Monat and has reached phenomenal heights in the last 3 years (7 figure salary anyone?).

Having her on our team, giving us support is a tremendous asset.

Angelica Belyaeva

Angelica is a photographer and a mom of 4, who has built a successful Monat business, just in 2 years from zero to 6 figures. She is a hands-on leader, who will flip over backwards to help you and your people succeed. Once you're on our team, she will consider you her own baby and will take care of you, like her best friend.

Elena Ollick

A 15 year online marketing veteran, Elena knows what she is doing when it comes to social selling and her goal is to transfer all the knowledge onto her team to help make them successful. She works hand in hand with every new business partner to make sure they have the most successful start possible.


Join us to discuss why we started this business

Leeka and Elena are jumping online to tell you our stories, how we started, what we have to offer and what this business is all about


It's your business, but you're not on your own!

When I was starting my first business 15 years ago, I was completely alone. I did not have a soul to ask when I had questions, no training to go through, no information laid out for me. I had to figure it out on my own, stumbling, making mistakes, calling around for answers and looking them up on the Internet. Oh how have times changed... The skills we teach in our on-going trainings are invaluable for any business and can be easily applied to other parts of your life.


People pay $6000 for the exact training that our team receives for free! We forget how lucky we are to learn from THE BEST!


You will benefit from ongoing social media training designed to help you grow your accounts and attract customers and followers.


Business training and knowledge you will receive from your mentors can help you jump start this career, even if it's your first business.


We are always there for you! Whether it's a random question, moral support, or help in onboarding a customer, our team's chat is always open, as well as our personal messages.


No one knows everything when they start. We have systems in place to not only help you quickly gain product knowledge but our team is here to help you make recommendations for you until you're up to speed.


If there was anything that we have plenty of, it's motivation! We get to root for each other's success, help motivate those who are down and learn from those who are up.


"Guess who just picked up a brand new 2020 Cadillac paid for by shampoo?

I can't believe this is my FIRST car at 18 years old...

A year ago I was a broke college student with no idea how I was going to make it by. I started this business on the side while working a restaurant job and made it happen! I went home and built my empire. I'm here to tell you and SHOW you that this opportunity is for anyone any age willing to put in the work."

Gabriela Prats


"It’s hard to put into words just how much this opportunity has impacted my life. What started out as a stir in curiosity about hair products, turned into a life changing gift. What you see here is a generous reward for a job well done.

What you don’t see is the darkness I lived in after having a traumatic miscarriage, a difficult pregnancy and postpartum depression. You don’t see the tears shed on the days I felt like we would never see financial relief from a business deal gone horribly wrong.

There’s so much opportunity lying on the other side of fear. Don’t sit on the sidelines and think about it. Get up and get busy!"

Heather Kiesel


When I signed up with MONAT I never thought I’d be where I am. It took a big leap of faith to click “join now”, but I’m sooooo glad I did. I think about all the lives that have changed because of little ole me, from a small town in Oklahoma. So all I’m saying is stop thinking about yourself and think about how many people need this opportunity and how many people you could reach!

Kendall Welden



That's so exciting! We cannot wait to help you start on the path of happiness and financial freedom!


Get in touch with us!

I still have questions!

Who owns the company?

Monat is a family owned company that was founded by a family of immigrants with a vision to give opportunities to everyone regardless of their socia-economic status or their place in life. They still hold their values of gratitude close to their heart by consistently participating in projects that help others and by providing a platform for anyone to become successful through their high compensation plan and phenomenal products.

How long has the company been around?

Monat launched just under 5 years ago and quickly became one of the leading hair care brands in US due to its result-based products, customer love and their passionate distributors.

Am I required to sell a certain amount within a certain amount of time?

This is your business, you run it your way! There is no requirements or quotas, you do what you need to do, when you need to do it!

Are there any fees? How much does this cost?

To obtain a license to sell and to get familiarized with product, you have to buy a product pack that ranges from $199-$799. There are no ongoing fees, or anything else to purchase once you join. You can learn more here.

What is the commission?

We get 30% of the retail sales, 15% of VIP sales, plus additional percentages off our team sales, generational bonuses of group volume, as well as rank advancement bonuses and promotional bonuses. You can read more here.

Where can I see the product?

You can visit our main website: everyavenue.mymonat.com

Is this an MLM?

It is a direct sales business.

What that means is that you have a license to sell products you do not make or carry, the company drop ships them for you, you earn a high commission, bring on more team members and grow your business.

The way it differs from an actual drop-shipping business is that you don't need to build a website, develop marketing materials, teach yourself, figure out how to market, etc etc. Everything is provided for you. It's the business of the future that is available to EVERYONE, not just a select few who have skills, time and money to succeed.

Everyone makes the same percentage, regardless of when they joined. Everyone has the exact same opportunity to earn amazing income, the playing field is completely level. We sell physical products and have actual customers. The team building aspect is a bonus that rewards us for our leadership, mentorship and help.

How much can I expect to make?

You can find this information in this section

Do I have to buy or pay anything in addition to my product pack?

No you do not. There are no monthly fees. If you want to buy a different Monat product line that would work for your particular hair/skin better, you can do so, but you are not required.

I am not good at selling. Can I succeed?

We do not sell. We share with people, we help, we bring value.

This business is built on relationships that you make with your customer and your team.Our philosophy is that "No one likes to be sold". So instead of selling, we provide value, we share, we help others.

When you focus on helping others, you will always succeed. Our team and business concept are built mutual success. If you help your team succeed you will succeed. If you help your customers solve a problem, you succeed. It's as simple as that!

And, of course, you get lots of training on what that means and how to implement the best marketing techniques in the world while providing value and helping people.

I am an introvert. Is this business for me?

The best answer would be to listen to the story of Jo who reached SED rank and is making over a million dollars a year in just 2 years. She was a self-proclaimed introvert, who was depressed and actually made fun of her friend for doing this. Little did she know that she would be the one making big waves a few months later. You can watch it here.


That's so exciting! We cannot wait to help you start on the path of happiness and financial freedom!


That's ok! This is your decision and your future! Take your time!

In the meantime, you can stalk some of the groups where we post information and updates or ask us questions directly, so you could learn more about the business, without any pressure.

  • Hair
  •     Skin 


Obviously, income potential ALWAYS depends solely on the business owner, however I can give you a good idea of what you can expect with our compensation plan and how fast you can get there.

How is this possible? Because Monat pays 50% of its revenue out in commissions, making it the most generous commission plan among all the direct sales companies. Not only do you get 30% commission on all your sales, but you also get a percentage off of your team's sales, plus additional promotional and rank bonuses, and addition generational bonuses on top of that.

Below is the average MONTHLY income for ALL market partners at a particular rank. The income is displayed MONTHLY, NOT YEARLY. I make this distinction to ensure that you understand the sheer potential this business represents.

How hard is it to move through ranks?

Not hard at all. For comparison sake, I personally achieved Associate Market Builder in 2 days ( I joined 2 days before the end of the month), then Associate Market Mentor within 2 months. It's not easy! You have to approach it as a real business and work at it, but as you can see, it is feasible.

A more average pace is reaching AMB within 1-2 months, and MMB within 3-4 months. Some people don't reach MMB for months. It all depends on your level of determination and your work ethic.

At a Market Mentor Level, you get a car, a brand new Cadillac for free!

Every rank progression gives you bonuses, with the highest being $20,000.

In the first 3 months due to the Smart Start program, you can double or triple your rank due to additional bonuses.

Many women in our company make over $100,000 a month. They are indicted into the Million Dollar Club and many of them are in their 20s and started just 2 years ago.

So let me ask you a question: is 2 years too long to wait to make 1 million dollars? If the answer is NO, then what are you waiting for?

I am so excited to have you as part of our team!


  1. Click JOIN below
  2. Choose ENROLL AS MP
  3. Pick your Product Pack
  4. Complete the Registration

Have questions? Reach out!

If at any point, you have questions or are not sure what to do, feel free to send me a text or a FB message using the buttons below.

Once you are in, I will contact you right away with a few questions and specifics to help you get set up properly and get proper training and resources and the next steps to get you going towards your future.

Let's Do This!

We will contact you right away with a few questions and specifics to help you get set up properly and get proper training and resources.

Have questions?

Reach out!

Let's Do This!

We will contact you right away with a few questions and specifics to help you get set up properly and get proper training and resources.

Have questions?

Reach out!

Let's Do This!

We will contact you right away with a few questions and specifics to help you get set up properly and get proper training and resources.

Have questions?

Reach out!

Let's Do This!

We will contact you right away with a few questions and specifics to help you get set up properly and get proper training and resources.

Have questions?

Reach out

Jo's Inspiring Story

Jo went from an introverted depressed new mom with an event planning business to having a thriving 7 figure-earning successful distributing business in just 2 years.

Let's Do This!

We will contact you right away with a few questions and specifics to help you get set up properly and get proper training and resources.

Have questions?

Reach out!